Uncover Asset Value

In the rapidly changing landscape that is the Puerto Rico real estate market, understanding the value of your assets is essential to making informed business decisions. Christiansen Commercial offers several services which can be customized to fit your needs ranging from a Broker Opinion of Value (BOV or BPO) for an individual property, to a duly certified appraisal report for an entire portfolio of assets. When working with one of our brokers or our MAI certified appraisers, you gain access to robust market data, advanced technology and reporting tools, and entrance to a number of databases. Regardless of project size, our experts will develop well-supported value opinions that will empower you to make decisions with confidence.

A team with advantage 

Once our team has established the value of your property, you will be faced with the choice to continue to hold or sell. If you decide to sell, our leading team of commercial brokers will be there to help you collect the most value for your assets. Browse our property listings for a closer look at current market activity below.


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